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8. John Robinson Chapman was born 1 on 10 Sep 1858 in Framwellgate, Durham, Co. Durham, England, the fifth child and second son of Richard Wilson Chapman and . He was christened 2 in 1859 in Bishop Middleham, Durham, England. He was the third Chapman to be given the forenames John Robinson, being named after his grandfather or possibly his uncle John Robinson Chapman (1820-1851).

He married 3 Margaret Grievson Walker on 17 Nov 1883 in Bishop Middleham, England when his occupation was listed as being an 'attendant at the assylum'.

NB at the time of the 1881 Census (when he was aged 22) he lived just a few houses away from his future father-in-law, William Walker. His future wife was at the time a general servant (age 19) on a farm run by the Darling family at Hart.

He had a variety of jobs during his lifetime including:

He was known to recieve money from a family trust on a regular basis. I have in my possetion a letter from Oppenheimer, Blandford & Co, Soliciters of 10 Copthall Ave, London E.C. dated 4 Aug 1915 which states:

Dear Sir
Gillain v Taylor
The Trustees at their annual meeting have made a grant to you of £69 and if you will sign the enclosed receipt and return it to us we will send you a cheque for that ammount
Yours faithfully
Oppenheimer, Blandford & Co

Today this amount would have an equivalent value (based on average earnings) of £20,650.

I believe this firm was working for the Church of England in administrating funds held in chancery for a trust set up by the Rev. Richard Thomas Wilson Taylor dated 11th Dec 1867 and proved in London on 5 Jan 1871.

He was known to have twelve children

He died on 9 Jun 1918 in Byker, Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland, England being one of those unfortunates who died during the 'Spanish Flu' epedemic. His death certificate records the cause of death as being 'Pneumonia' . He was buried in Chillingham Road Cemetary, Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne. There was no monument to him at his burial site in the UK but one exists in Rookwood Cemetary, Sydney, Australia


9. Margaret Grievson Walker was born 1 on 10 Sep 1862 in Hart, Co. Durham, England. She was christened 2 on 30 Nov 1862 in Hart, Co. Durham, England. She was counted in a census on 3 Apr 1881 in 5 Langholm Creasent Darlington County Durham England. She was employed as on 3 Apr 1881 in Servant Gen Servant Domestic Unmarried. She was counted in a census on 3 Apr 1881 in 5 Langholm Crescent Darlington County Durham England. She was employed as on 3 Apr 1881 in Servant Gen Servant Domestic Unmarried. She emigrated on 24 Jun 1924 to Sydney Australia with her daughters Maggie, Jennie, Sally and Decima.

She died on 6 Aug 1933 in Sydney, Australia. She was buried in 1933 in Rookwood, Sydney, Australia.

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10. James Marshall [scrapbook] was born in 1859 in Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland. He died in 1939/1940 in North Wales. He was buried Tally-Bont, North Wales. He married 1 Anne Elizabeth Stephenson on 31 Dec 1887 in St. Stephens, South Shields, Co. Durham, England. [Parents]


11. Anne Elizabeth Stephenson was born 1 on 21 Nov 1865 in Westoe, Co. Durham, England. She died on 7 May 1952 in North Wales. She was buried in Tally-Bont, North Wales. [Parents]


12. James Marr was born 1 on 3 Dec 1838 in All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. He married 2 Rachael Gullon on 11 Feb 1866 in St John's, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. [Parents]


13. Rachael Gullon was born 1 on 14 Nov 1845 in All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. She died about Sep 1914. [Parents]


14. Robert Foggan [scrapbook] was born 1 on 12 Mar 1849 in Morpeth, Northumberland, England. He died 2 on 17 Jan 1879 in Waterloo, Blyth, Northumberland, England. He married Margaret Ann Dixon on 5 Aug 1872 in Bedlington, Northumberland. [Parents]


15. Margaret Ann Dixon [scrapbook] was born 1 on 14 Apr 1849 in Shieldfield, Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland, England. She died about Feb 1933 in Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England. Margaret was employed 2 as Boot Shop Keeper. She was counted in a census 3 in 1881 in Cowpen, Northumberland, England.. [Parents] Margaret Ann remarried after the death of her husband and became 'Hall'. She was the owner of a photograph album in my posession.



JR Chapman birth certificate

Bishop's Transcripts - Northumberland & Durham, Bishop Middleham, 1859, held at Department of paeleography, Durham University.
"1859 John Robinson Chapman, son of Richard Wilson & Esther Chapman, miller of Durham Baptised."

Marriage Certificate UK.

Certificate of Marriage
Registration District
1899 Marriage solemnized at The parish Church in the parish
of Bishop Middleham in the County of County of Durham
No. When Married Name and Surname Age. Condition. Rank or Profession. Residence at the time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname. Rank or Profession of Father.
364 novr 17th 1883 John Robinson Chapman 25 Bachelor attendant at the asylum Sedgefield Richard Wilson Chapman Miller
Margaret Grieveson Walker 21 Spinster - Bp. Middleham William Walker Quarryman
Married in the parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by ... or after Banns by me,
This marriage
was solemnized
between us,
John Robinson Chapman in the
of us,
John Walker C. A. Cartledge
Margaret Grieveson Walker Hannah mary Grieveson.  
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