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Simple pedigree chart

Some free pedigree chart downloads

Two free pedigree chart files are available; a simple chart and an advanced chart which uses Ajax. See also the genealogy tutorials at genlinks.

To use the simple chart you will need the following files:

To get these pedigree chart files you can right click the links above and choose 'Save as..' or, far simpler, load the pedigree.htm file in your browser and then choose File > Save Page As... (If you are using Internet Explorer 7+ then press Alt to get the File menu) This method will save all the files for you.

The simple chart follows the standard LDS pedigree chart style and can be edited easily - just replace 'Some Person' and 'Ann Other' and the dates with your own information. You can do this with any HTML editor.


The advanced pedigree chart is more complex to use. It has however the advantage of expanding on clicking an entry and can hold far more information. To use it you will need a more powerful WYSIWYG web page editor. Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is ideal but others such as KompoZer can be used.

Advanced pedigree sheet.The advanced chart requires the following files:

A Dreamweaver template will be available for the advanced pedigree chart later.

Feel free to use either style of pedigree chart. You may copy them or modify them but please leave the comments and link to JayDax on the page.

Both pedigree chart files should work at any web page size and cover four generations. Use the arrows at the right and left hand side to link to further copies of the pedigree chart files.



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