Ancestors of Shelia Mae TATE


852. Victor NEELY

Was an early member of the Broad River Baptist Church.
Moved with his wife Ann Dunkley from PA to SC about 1754

853. Ann DUNKLEY

Oliver DUNKLEY - d 1734, Amity, Philadelphia Co., PA. died intestate and without issue. A series of four deeds traces the ownership of 150 acres of land in Amity Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA from the original patentee Justa JUSTASON (1704), to Samuel SAVAGE (1716), to George SAVAGE (1717), to Oliver DUNKLEY (1737), to John DUNKLEY by the heirs of Oliver DUNKLEY (1748), to John PATRICK (1748) and to Henry VANREAD (1755?). The deeds clearly give the names of the eight siblings of DUNKLEY and three of their spouses, Victor NEELY, Richard NEELY and John PATRICK. The transcribed deed wording is unclear but it also appears that John EWULE was the husband of Sarah DUNKLEY.

The verification of the deed, dated March 30 1748 by "Victor Nealy and his wife Ann Nealy" was done by Benjamin CHAMBERS of Cumberland (formed from Lancaster) County, Pennsylvania, USA on Oct 15 1750


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