Ancestors of Shelia Mae TATE


68. James Bradley COPE

One of the first pioneers to Warren Co,TN.Was an itenerant preacher as well as
farmer and large land owner.The Cope line in White Co,TN were somehow
related.Buried in an overgrown cemetary off of Northcutts Cove Rd in Southern
Warren County.

72. William Myrick SPEIGHTS , Jr.

In Virgie Collier Speights files: He died enroute to TX fm. MS & was bur. on the bank of the Mississippi.

105. Elizabeth ALLEN

Marriage Information:

Elizabeth married Eli Chance on 23 Apr 1818 in St. Helena Parish, Louisiana 1. (Eli Chance was born about 1788 in Louisiana 3 and died on 30 Mar 1860 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.) The cause of death was Tyhpiod and Pnuemonia.




1 Marriage Records of St. Helena Parish, Louisiana.

2 Lillian Allen Family Bible.

3 1850 Federal Census, LA, Sabine Parish.

4 1860 Federal Census, LA, Sabine Parish. Page 302, dwelling 364.

110. David MIERS

Shirley Baker April 9, 1999 - Rachal Lacy Morgan died 1855 and is buried in Mitchell Cemebary, Anacoco, Louisiana. There is no marker. After Rachael died, David Miers moved to Calcasieu Parish (now Beauregard Parish). David remarried - 2nd wife unknown. David and 2nd wife had twins, Missouri Miers and Joseph Miers. The twins were born April 1, 1858, in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. Joseph died as an infant. Missouri married James Willis Franklin. Missouri died June 5, 1930.

David Miers died 1859 and is buried in Cannon Cemetary, Merryville, Louisiana. There is no marker. The 1860 census Calcasieu Parish #538-561 Township Lake Charles page 98 lists Mrs. David Myers age 40 seamstress born La Elizabeth age 22 female seamstress Hamel (Harriet?) age 16 female seamstress Wade age 12 male Samentha age 11 female Alice age 8 female William age 5 Missouri age 2 female Joseph age 2 male twin.

Shirley Baker (April 14, 1999 email. ] - "I met a gentleman named Charlie Miers when I was doing research in DeRidder, Louisiana. Charlie Miers had a family bible that belonged to David and Rachel. I believe Charlie was a retired preacher. It was my understanding that he was minister for Pleasant Hills Baptist Chuch in DeRidder, La. I do not know if he was from Anacoco, La or not.

"According to family fokelore (and Charlie Miers), two Miers brothers came to this country from Germany. It is believed they landed at Charleston, South Carolina. One brother went North and one went South. The one that went South was named David Miers. That David Miers was probably our David's father or grandfather."

"There seems to be a general consensus that Miers is a german name and Miers are of german descent. It is quite possible that the original name was Von Miers."

"Another interesting detail - the name is Mires rather than Miers on the marriage license. Again, family folklore states that David Miers (David and Rachel) changed the spelling of the name from Mires to Miers. So it is even possible that the original name was Von Mires. -

The following is provided by Dona Wright (email 1/3/2001]

"The marriage bond of 1811, dated April 13, 1811 is on file at the Wilkinson County Courthouse.

"Know all men by these presents that we David Miers and Israel Rogers both
of the County of Wilkinson and Mississippi Territory and his successors in
office in the sum of two hundred dollars, which payment will and truly to
be made we bind ourselves and each of our Heirs Executors and
Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with
our seals and dated the 13th day of April in the year 1811. The condition
of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound David Mires
(sic) hath this day prayed and obtained a licence to be joined in marriage
to Rachel Morgan of this County. Now if there is no lawful cause to
obstruct the marriage for which the licence was granted, then the above
obligation to be void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and
virtue.' David Miers Israel Rogers

"There is a 'seal' mark by each name......David's and the
way, Israel Rogers sound Jewish to me......ha! Its funny, you can get an
idea in your head and go with it, can't you? Well, normal people probably
don't but I do sometimes.


116. William LANGSTON

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: cen1850.txt)
Census: Sabine 1850 Census, Sabine Parish La.

PAGE 124 OF 168
Dwell LastName FirstName Age Sex Occupation Real Estate State-Country
480a480 LANGSTON Wm 44 M Farmer 400 Louisiana
480b480 Nancy 36 F Louisiana
480c480 Will 20 M None Texas
End of Page 124 of 168

PAGE 125 OF 168
Dwell LastName FirstName Age Sex Occupation Real Estate State-Country
480d480 Robt 19 M None Texas
480e480 Ellenor 13 F Louisiana
480f480 Nancy 12 F Louisiana
480g480 Milly 10 F Louisiana
480h480 Asa 6 M Louisiana
480i480 Vira 4 F Louisiana
480j480 Absolom 2 M Louisiana
480k480 Baby 8/12 M Louisiana

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 1860.txt)
Census: Sabine 1860 Census, Sabine Parish La.

Dwelling Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Personal Estate State-Country
657 LANGSTON William 54 M Mill Holder 600 400 Louisiana
657 Nancy 21 F Louisiana
657 Levicy 15 F Louisiana
657 Asa 14 M Louisiana
657 Absolom 12 M Louisiana
657 Mary E. 8 F Louisiana
657 Emeline 3 F Louisiana

654 LANGSTON Robert 28 M Farmer 100 Texas
654 Mary D. 20 F Louisiana
654 Mary J. 3 F Louisiana


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