Ancestors of Shelia Mae TATE


35. Spicey PERRY

BIRTH: two possible birth dates and places 1822 in Alabama and 1826 in Tennessee

36. Johathan M. H. "Johnnie" SPEIGHTS

As per Virgie's handwritten notes, Johnathan & Macie Davis had 5 daughtors. Johnathan had three wives.

52. James B CHANCE

James B. Chance
Born: 1820, Near Clinton, Louisiana
Married: 17 Aug 1842, Hinds County, Mississippi
Died: Abt 1899
Buried: Toro Cemetery, Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana


General Notes:

1 The family of James Chance (b. ca. 1818 in Ms. and Lucinda Brenth Chance(b. ca. 1823 in Ms.) were: Vincent, b. ca. 1844 in Ms.,

(source: Sharon D. Watkins)


Marriage Information:

James married Lucinda Brent on 17 Aug 1842 in Hinds County, Mississippi. (Lucinda Brent was born in 1825 in Mississippi, died on an unknown date and was buried in Toro Cemetery, Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.)

54. Hiram Wesley OWERS

BIRTH: Birth uncertain.
Family tradition was that he was born on the high seas en route from England, but in the 1820 census he stated he was born in Iliinois, Ohio, USA

56. Josiah Isiaih BROWN

Had 11 or 12 children. Walked out one day and never returned after an argument with a daughter. The family story is that he took her to the barn and whipped her then left. He was rumored to have been seen in Arkansas two years later working at a railroad station.

Known to have been a founder of Prewitts Chapel Church.

Details about the area in 1850
CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: cen1850.txt)

Census: Sabine 1850 Census, Sabine Parish La.
Submitted by: Kathy Casagranda

Sabine Parish Parish was created from Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana March 27,
1843. The land area of the Parish is approximately as large as the State of
Rhode Island. The 1850 Census, was the first taken for the Parish. This
census included 3,347 whites and 1,168 slaves. At the time of settlement the
Parish was thick with Pine trees and contained many creeks and bayous. As
land was cleared, the pine logs were used to build homes and cotton was King.
The home of Joseph Turner Montgomery was built as a double pen house as were
many others in the area. Family tradition has it that the wild animals would
come during the night to kill livestock. In order to prevent the loss of
stock the animals were brought into the house at night and penned in a corner
of the room for their protection. The early days in Sabine Parish was
considered "paradise" for hunters.

Chief trading points for Sabine Parish were Natchitoches and Alexandria. Many
that settled in Sabine Parish had parts of their families move across the
Sabine River into Sabine County, Texas.

Many of the cemeteries at this time were placed on the land of family homes.
For this reason and the fact that they have not been cared for, many vital
records have been lost. People generally married at an early age and had very
large families. Disease was prevelant at many times in the Parish and
children were often lost by the age of 2.

By 1860, Churches had been established and cemetery records are greatly
improved as cemeteries were placed on church property and more judiciously
cared for. According to the 1860 census for Sabine Parish there were 707
occupied dwellings with a total population of 5,828 individuals, of these less
than 2,000 were slaves.

PAGE 91 OF 168 1850 census
Dwell LastName FirstName Age Sex Occupation Real Estate State-Country
346a346 WEST John 49 M Farmer 300 Mississippi
346b346 Diana 47 F Tennessee
346c346 Benj 4 M Louisiana
346d346 Mary 14 F Louisiana
346e346 Dice Ann 12 F Louisiana
346f346 Sara 10 F Louisiana
346g346 Margianna 8 F Louisiana
346h346 Willis 4 M Louisiana
346i346 Minerva 2 F Louisiana
346j346 Hiram 1 M Louisiana
347a347 BROWN Josiah 25 M Farmer Louisiana
347b347 Tabitha 22 F Louisiana
347c347 Minerva 4 F Louisiana
347d347 Sara 8/12 F Louisiana

Since we know Tabitha's maiden name was WEST it is notable that their neighbors were WEST and shared children's names. Josiah is also not listed as owning real estate. Could it be that John and Diana WEST were Tabitha's parents?

BIRTH: Birth date calculated from declared age of 25 in 1850 census ie 1825

57. Tabitha Ann Dorcas WEST

Had 11 or 12 children. Husband walked out one day and never returned after an argument with a daughter. The family story is that he took her to the barn and whipped her then left. He was rumored to have been seen in Arkansas two years later working at a railroad station.

BIRTH: Based on the birthdate of her grandson Tabatha Ann West was born between 1762 (assuming she and her daughter-in-law were 55 at their child's birth) and 1854 (assuming she and her daughter-in-law were 14 at the time of their child's birth) Both dates are extreams and about 1832 is the most likely

58. Robert LANGSTON

Check: CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 1860.txt)
Census: Sabine 1860 Census, Sabine Parish La.

Check: Dwelling Last Name First Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Personal Estate State-Country
654 LANGSTON Robert 28 M Farmer 100 Texas
654 Mary D. 20 F Louisiana
654 Mary J. 3 F Louisiana

Also listed Langstons are his father:

657 LANGSTON William 54 M Mill Holder 600 400 Louisiana
657 Nancy 21 F Louisiana
657 Levicy 15 F Louisiana
657 Asa 14 M Louisiana
657 Absolom 12 M Louisiana
657 Mary E. 8 F Louisiana
657 Emeline 3 F Louisiana

and brother:
462 LANGSTON W.J. 30 M Farmer 420 475 Texas
462 Cynthia A. 30 F Mississippi
462 Benjamin 9 M Louisiana
462 Eliza J. 6 F Louisiana
462 Nancy 1 F Louisiana
462 Amanda 1/12 F Louisiana

Wm. J. Langton is listed as a witness to Robert's marriage to Mary D Crier (Cryer)

59. Mary Davis CRYER

Check: calculated to have died between 1868 (birth of son Calvin) and 1890 (remarriage of husband)
Check for the Langston Family in 1881 census of the USA which should give a better range of years and also give the ages of children.

DEATH: date uncertain but has to lie between these dates


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