Ancestors of Shelia Mae TATE


8. Charles Henry TATE

BIOGRAPHY: Originally from Truman, Arkansas, USA
Met wife in a newspaper 'Lonley Hearts Club'. They got to know each other by writing letters back and forth and fell in love by mail.
He moved down to La. to the 'Ratan' area to marry his wife. Her father would not allow the marriage until he could provide for her so he started the first general store and post office in the area.

9. Annie Mary SPEIGHT

Note in Virgie's files: Annie Mary Speights Tate lives near Many, LA - undated.


family tradition is that she was a 'Byrd' - Spoken of as 'Grandma Byrd'. Shelia Mae Tate was given her middle name after her

DEATH: Doctor at death is given as 'Mary Dickinson Hosp' a hospital on Highway 96 South (Beaumont Highway)

12. James Douglas Alexander COOT

Name change explanation
James Douglas Alexander Coote (Coot/Kootz) was raised by the Pridgen family in Provincal in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, USA. and took their name. He was one of two children abandoned by his father.

MARRIAGE: Married 3 times
wives are Emma Gray He had children by her and deserted her.
Ophelia Prothro, Had children. She died.
He took the children and was befriended by a Kitchener family who cared for him when he grew ill of pnuemonia.

DEATH: Died in 1932 in Texas leaving behind several small children in the care of a Kitchener family. The children ended up in an orphanage.

DEATH: Although he died in 1932 his name continued to appear on tax assessment records for land he owned in Jasper County, Texas until 1971. The name 'Ramsey' is linked with this.

DEATH: Post to Coote Surname Message Board at by Lori Girvin 16 Sep 2000:
Just bought a computer, looking for information of any kind on the above name. My maiden name was Coots. I had five siblings. We were orphaned in the 1930's and have not been able to find anyone. Our dad was J. Douglas Coots, Grandfather Benjamine Coots, Greatgrandfather William Coot who migrated from Ireland, lived in Texas in 1840, was given a land grant there. I have a copy of map with his name on it. Am stuck! Would appreciate hearing from anyone concerned with the family name, there has to be a link somewhere.

DEATH: In reply to Looking for Ancestry posted feb 06 2000 she posted on 16 Sep 2000:

DEATH: My ancestors were from Ireland, migrated to texas and were given a Spanish Land Grant there. In order to qualify for that they had to declare themselves Catholic. Don't know exactly what you were looking for but maybe there is a connection here somewhere

BIRTH: 2 months old at time of 1880 census
Parents living with his maternal grandfather


DOB indicates his mother's birthdate will be between 1868 (she would have been 14 at his birth) and 1827 (she would have been 55) The most likely date of her birth, assuming she was 25 at his birth, would be 1857


Cherokee Indian


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