Descendancy Narrative of John Robinson Chapman (8)

I.  John Robinson1 Chapman (8).  John Robinson Chapman (8) lived at Village Bishop Middleham Durham England in 1881.  He Known to have had a variety of jobs including taylor, stonemason (Limestone quarryman in 1881 census - see his father's entry), policeman at South Shields 1892 then Bedlington -(asked to leave force because he stopped the chief constible's carriage for driving after dark without lights). Quoted as saying "there are more rougues in the policeforce than out"

assylum attendant, fish and chip shop owner (owned 2 in Ferryhill), miner

recieved money from a family trust on a regular basis.

Letter to him from Oppenheimer, Blandford & Co, Soliciters of 10 Copthall Ave, London E.C. dated 4 Aug 1915 states:

Dear Sir

Gillain v Taylor

The Trustees at their annual meeting have made a grant to you of £69 and if you will sign the enclosed receipt and return it to us we will send you a cheque for that ammount

Yours faithfully

  Oppenheimer, Blandford & Co

I believe this firm was working for the Church of England in admineristating funds held in chancery. A trust set up by the Rev. Richard Thomas Wilson Taylor dated 11th Dec 1867 and proved in London on 5 Jan 1871

12 children


NB at the time of the 1881 Census (age 22) he lived a few houses away from his future father-in-law, William Walker. His future wife was at the time a general servant (age 19) on a farm run by the Darling family at Hart.

Attendant at Sedgefield assylum/ Limestone quarryman  in 1881.

  He was buried at Chillingham Road Cemetary, Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne.  He Pneumonia.  He was born on 10 Sep 1858 at Framwellgate, Durham, Co. Durham, England.  He was christened in 1859 at Bishop Middleham, Durham, England.  He married Margaret Grievson Walker (9), daughter of William Walker (18) and Mary Grieveson (19), on 17 Nov 1883 at Bishop Middleham, Durham, England.  He died on 9 Jun 1918 at Byker, Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland, England, at age 59.

A.  Richard Wilson2 Chapman married Margaret Fairbairn.  He was born on 21 Sep 1884.

B.  John Robinson2 Chapman See scrapbook for gravestone.  He married Emily Dodgson.  He was buried at Rookwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  He was born on 19 Sep 1886.  He died on 16 May 1934 at NSW, Australia, at age 47.

1.  Cicily3 Chapman married William Coker.

a)  Dennis4 Coker

b)  Janice4 Coker

C.  Cicely Mary2 Chapman was born on 28 Oct 1888.

D.  William Walker2 Chapman married Alice Kipling.  He was born on 20 Jun 1890.

1.  Cicily3 Chapman married Murry? Long.

a)  Robert4 Long married Felicia ?

(1)  Trent5 Long

b)  Keith4 Long married Gaye ?

(1)  Byron5 Long

(2)  Trudie5 Long

(3)  Yvonne5 Long

c)  Patricia4 Long married Malcolm Moggs.

(1)  Wayne5 Moggs

(2)  Sharon5 Moggs

d)  Peter4 Long

e)  Susan4 Long

2.  Ronald3 Chapman No children.  He married Joan ?

3.  Margaret3 Chapman married Lionel McKibbin.

a)  Ronald4 McKibbin married Barbara ?

4.  Roy3 Chapman married Dorothy ?

a)  Chris4 Chapman married Judy ?

(1)  Shayne5 Chapman

b)  David4 Chapman

c)  John4 Chapman

5.  William3 Chapman married Jill ?

a)  Colin4 Chapman

b)  Brett4 Chapman

c)  Linda4 Chapman

E.  Frederick George2 Chapman (4) Married the girl next door - wife lived at 17 Woodhave St. he at 15 Woodhave St.

Fought in WW I

'Freddie joined the Durham Light Infantry (he had a bad chest and wasn't called up until the war situation became desperate - he was the best formally educated in the family, spoke German and was put into the Intelligence Corps.Freddy was captured with all of his battalion soon after arriving in France. He lived on herbs as a prisoner which he collected, brewed and drank, He was one of the few survivors of his group of prisoners. When he returned home after the armistice he was very thin but otherwise unscathed." - Comment made by his sister Sally

After the war he planned to emigrate to Australia and persuaded his other brothers and sisters to go also since most of them could not find work in the depression which followed the war. A few weeks before he was due to leave he obtained an offer of employment and became a civil servant working at the DHSS in Benton. His mother , and 11 brothers and sisters left for Australia.

Lived at the end house in Cochrane Park, Benton until he retired. Then moved to Rydal Cottage, Station Road., Allendale, Northumberland, Eng. He moved out of Newcastle in the hope of improving his wife's asthma

Died of a stroke in 1968 and buried in Allendale cemetary.

 married and stayed in england

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Medal card of Chapman, Frederick George

Corps     Regiment No     Rank

Royal Army Ordnance Corps           Second Lieutenant

Royal Army Ordnance Corps           Acting Captain

Dorsetshire Regiment           Second Lieutenant

Date      1914-1920

Catalogue reference      WO 372/4links to the Catalogue

Dept      Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies

Series      War Office: Service Medal and Award Rolls Index, First World War

Piece      Campbell H - Cooke W E

Image contains      1 medal card of many for this collection.  He was also known as Freddy, Fred (8).  He Stroke.  He was born on 19 Mar 1892 at 15 Woodhave St, South Shields, Co. Durham, England.  He was christened on 17 Apr 1892 at St. Hilda's, South Shields, Co. Durham, England.  He was christened on 17 Apr 1893 at St Hildas church South Shields County Durham England.  He married Marion Bain Marshall (9), daughter of James Marshall (12) and Anne Elizabeth Stephenson (13), on 6 Aug 1917 at St Michail's, Byker, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England.  He was buried in Feb 1969 at Allendale, Northumberland, England.  He died on 9 Feb 1969 at Allendale, Northumberland, England, at age 76.

1.  James William3 Chapman On 3rd Jan 2002 I had a conversation with Uncle Jim about his war service (WWII).

Jim was an engineer in the merchant navy and was torpedoedby a U-boat. The crew got off in the lifeboats and the U-boat captain surfaced and talked to them. He wanted to know where they were bound, what their ship was called and what it's cargo was. They were carrying coal and coke to Argentina. He advised them to head for North Africa but their captain thought otherwise. and they sailed for S. America. They got there in three weeks and trecked through the jungle lead by natives. The bitish Consul eventually got to hear about them and arranged for them to be sent North by train.  He married Margaret Lamb (146) in 1944.  He died in Sep 2006.

a)  Hazel4 Chapman married Mehmet Tahir  She was born in 1948.

(1)  James Mehmet5 Tahir was born in 1975.

(2)  Charles Bekim5 Tahir was born in 1976.

2.  Margaret Ann3 Chapman married John Rochford Walker.  She married John Rochford Walker.  She was also known as Nancy.

a)  John Rochford4 Walker.  John Rochford Walker lived at 3 Glen terrace, Hexham, Northumberland, England.  He married Anne Stephens.

(1)  John Douglas5 Walker

(2)  Margaret Anne Rochford5 Walker

(3)  Edward Stepens5 Walker

(4)  John Douglas5 Walker was born on 24 Jan 1986.

(5)  Margaret Anne Rochford5 Walker was born on 4 Sep 1987.

(6)  Edward Stephens5 Walker was born on 31 Oct 1990.

3.  John Robinson3 Chapman (2)` Birth Cert index reference:Chapman, John R., Marshall, Newcastle T. ,10b, 315

My father was a highly intelligent man who had a varied career.

He left school at age 14 and  served an apprentiship as a refrigeration engineer working for Trohldal Ltd..

He joined the Royal Engineers at the outbreak of World War 2 and saw a full range of the war.

he was in the British expeditionary force and was evacuated from Dunkirk beach.

<a href=""> Younger, A. E.: a royal engineer remembers training with specialized armour during W.W. II</a>  

He went to North Africa and was at Tobruck. He had photographs taken at the pyramids in Egypt. He was not impressed with the Egyptians he met, describing them as  "dirty, smelly, dishonest perverts". He was at one time in Israel having photographs of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. He was at Malta and Crete, Greece and Italy. According to my mother he was badly shaken when he survived an air attack in Malta by sheltering under a truck. His friends, either side of him, were killed. He took part in the Normandy landings on D Day. He seldom talked about his war experiences other than saying "I didn't like the war - People kept trying to kill me"

On his return he worked for Parsons Engineering in Newcastle on Tyne at Sheilds Road.

The family home was at 18 Julian Avenue, Walker Gate, Newcastle on Tyne. A two bedroom semi-detached house. The next door neighbour was George Ellis, a banker.

My father did not try to keep up with the Joneses - for our street he was the Joneses. We had the first car, the first electric gramophone and the first television.

In  June 1958 (when I was 8) my father followed his brother, Jim's example and purchased a hill farm. We moved to 'Thrush Hall Farm, Carrshield, Hexham, Northumberland, an 18 acre farm in the Pennines in the West Allen Valley.

When we first moved our farm had no electricity and an earth closet (no flush toilet) We did have indoor hot and cold water and could take a bath by lifting a worktop in the kitchen revealing a bath underneath. Our water supply came to the house via a ditch running down one of our fields. In wet weather the water turned brown with mud and when filling the bath occasionally it would gurgle and out would drop a large worm.

It was about two years before electricity was installed and at the same time we extended the house to make an additional bedroom and a bathroom.

My father tired of travelling 40 miles to work and got a new job working on the Blue Streak Ballistic rocket at Spadeadam near Haltwhistle. He worked for Rolls Royce who were developing the rocket engine. When the rocket project was cancelled by the government he got a job as works engineer at Cascelloid, Haltwhistle, A firm which produced plastic bottles for detergent manufacturers. I remember being shown round the plant and having the drying ovens and conveyors which my father had designed and had built shown to me.

He then worked for a laundry firm in Hexham. There he met Doreen and the relationship which developed lead to my mother divorcing him in 1968.

My father married Doreen and had a son, Ian, by her. He lived at 2 Eilensville, Hexham, Northumberland.

He next became a window cleaner until his retirement.

He died of cancer in 1998. A notice of his death appeared in the local newspaper, the Hexham Courant. He had refused to allow anyone to tell either my sisters or I of his illness.  He and Eleanor Vera Marr (3) were divorced.  He Cancer Of Colon.  He was (an unknown value) at refrigeration engineer for Trohldal Ltd.  He was born on 21 Sep 1920 at Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland, England.  He WW2 at Dunkirk, North Africa, Italy, Crete, Israel, Normandy Landings, Germany from 1939 to 1944 Royal Engineers.  He married Eleanor Vera Marr (3), daughter of Charles Gullon Marr (6) and Margaret Isabella Foggan (7), on 27 Apr 1946.  He lived in Jun 1958 at Thrush Hall Farm Carrshield Hexham Northumberland.  He married Doreen (--?--) in 1969 at Hexham, Northumberland, England.  He and my mother were divorced in 1969 at Hexham, Northumberland, England.  He died on 25 Mar 1997 at Hexham, Northumberland, England, at age 76.

a)  Janice Patricia4 Chapman.  She was also known as Jan.  She was born on 31 Jan 1947 at Newcastle.  She married Colin Graham in 1963.

(1)  Jane5 Graham was born in 1963.  She married Mark Bowman in 1987.

(a)  (--?--)6 Bowman

(b)  (--?--)6 Bowman

(2)  Sarah5 Graham was born in 1966 at Carrshield, Hexham, Northumberland, England.

(a) Lewis Graham

(b)  (--?--)6 (--?--) Graham

(3)  Ruth5 Graham was born in 1972.  She married David Nattrass on 6 Jul 2004 at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

b)  John Robinson4 Chapman (1) was born on 1 Feb 1949 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. At age 8 the family moved from 18 Julian Avenue, Walkergate, Newcastle-on-Tyne to a farm, Thrush Hall Farm, Carrshield, Hexham, Northumberland. John, or Robin as he was known as, attended the local school in Carrshield, a village about 2 miles away. At age 11 he passed the 11+ examination for entry into grammar school. The nearest was at Hexham, a 20 mile bus journey away. Robin was a poor traveller and chose instead to attend a private school, Brookfield School, Wigton, Cumberland. He remained there until age 19 when he attended Newcastle College of Further Education. Whilst there he stayed with his Aunt Dora (Dorothy Ann Nettleton - nee Marr).

After obtaining A levels in Chemistry, Robin chose to take up a career in teaching and obtained a Teaching Certificate at Newcastle College of Education. During this time, he lived in a flat on Hamilton Street Newcastle on Tyne and later at North Shields.

On qualifying as a teacher, Robin obtained a post as a Chemistry teacher at Nunthorpe Secondary School. During this time he lived first at Ivy Dene Cottage, Egglescliffe village, then at 78 High Street, Yarm and finally at 16 Belmont Avenue, Billingham. He divorced 18 April 1979 (from Vivien Margaret Hunter). He married Dec 20th 1980 at Leeds. Divorced 199913 years later he moved for a short time to Leeds and worked as an insurance salesman there. After a year he returned to live in the flat he owned in Billingham and returned to teaching chemistry at Blakeston School, Norton Rd., Stockton on Tees. Whilst there he expressed an interest in computers which lead to him becoming involved in IT teaching from 1981

He moved to a three bedroom newly built house just ½ mile from his school. Over the next 15 years he extended the house to 5 bedrooms, doing much of the work himself. At this time he separated from his wife and moved again to Billingham. After realising there was no future in his marriage, Robin found himself alone and on holiday but without the means to travel during the summer of 1997. He spent a good deal of time on Internet and in August he met in Yahoo Chat Shelia Tate.

Shelia, from Louisiana, and two of her children came over to the UK to visit in December 1997. Robin gave up his job in April 1998 and moved to the USA. After 3 months he and Shelia moved to Ontario, Canada when Robin's visa to stay in the USA expired. The plan was to stay a few days then return to the United States. At the border, however, Robin was refused entry to the USA and had to return to Canada. There they stayed for three and a half years until the means was found to return to the UK.

Divorced, after a long process in April 1999. Shelia and Robin married on 19th May 1999.

On return to the UK Robin got a job as head of ICT at Bower Park School in Romford, Essex.

*Robin had an argument with the head teacher of Bower Park over the amount of time allocated for ICT. He protested that 100min per week was too little time for pupils to acheive good results in a full GCSE exam and that the results would be appaling. He proved correct in this and was dismissed. On appeal the dismissal was overturned but Robin felt unable to continue at the school and received substantial compensation. He worked a supply teacher for a while but then took early retirement from teaching.

In July 2007 Robin left teaching and in April 2008 after retiring moved to Hexham in Northumberland - the area he considered 'home' between 1957 and 2009.  He married Vivien Margaret Hunter (102) in 1973 at parish Church, Wolviston, Cleveland, England.  He and Vivien Margaret Hunter (102) were divorced in 1977.  He married Elizabeth Hawkshaw (629) on 20 Dec 1980 at Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.  He was Web developer on 3 Apr 1998 at Jaydax Designs A Computer Website Design Company.  He and Elizabeth Hawkshaw (629) were divorced on 28 Apr 1999 at Middlesbrough County Court, England.  He married Shelia Mae Tate (103), daughter of Winston Kenneth Tate (108) and Margie Marie Pridgen (Coote) (109), on 19 May 1999 at Chatham Christian Centre, Lacroix St., Chatham, Ontario, Canada.  He was baptized on 5 Mar 2000 at Detroit Avenue, Chatham, Ontario, Canada.  He participated in an ordinance in the LDS church on 27 Aug 2000 at London, Ontario, Canada.  He received his endowment on 13 Oct 2001 at LONDO.  He was retired on 8 Feb 2008.

(1)  Matthew John Robinson5 Chapman (5) was also known as Hawkshaw (5).  He was born on 15 Sep 1981 at Leeds West Yorkshire England.  He was christened on 25 Oct 1981 at Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

(2)  Mark Alistair Richard5 Chapman (6) (an unknown value).  He was also known as Hawkshaw (6).  He was born on 19 Oct 1986.

(3)  Aiden Mary Elizabeth5 Chapman (7) was also known as Hawkshaw (7).  She was born on 30 Mar 1991 at Stockton OnTees, Cleveland, England.

(4)  Patricia Marie5 Self (626) was born on 15 Aug 1985 at Leesville, La, USA.

(5)  William Edward5 Self (627) was born on 24 Sep 1990 at Shreveport, La, USA.

(6)  Adam Wesley5 Self (628) Adam paid his first tithe contribution on Sunday 15 July 2001. He found $2.20 when out shopping and therefore paid $0.22.  He was also known as Chapman (628).  He was born on 8 Sep 1993 at Shreveport, La, USA.

c)  Margaret Isabel4 Chapman (21) married Kash Madhani (11823) at Allendale, Northumberland, England.  She was born on 15 Jun 1960 at Hexham, Northumberland, England.

(1)  Leah5 Madhani (11826) was born on 21 Jan.

(2)  Kiri5 Madhani (11825) was born on 6 Jul.

(3)  Aanya5 Madhani (11824) was born on 22 Aug.

d)  Ian4 Chapman (101) was born circa 1969.

F.  Esther Alice2 Chapman (160) NB birthdate is 7 months after Frederick George Chapman

emigrated about 1925 to Australia.  She married Martin Joseph Hart (12627) at Australia.  She was buried at Rookwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  She also went by the name of Etti (160).  She was born on 29 Oct 1893.  She died on 26 Feb 1950 at age 56.

1.  Margaret Mary3 Hart (11925) married Keith Munro (12631).  She was also known as Peggy or Peg (11925).  She was born on 2 Jun 1916.

a)  Hazel4 Munro (12632) married Ron Cook (12634).

(1)  Cheryl5 Cook (12635)

(2)  Geoffrey5 Cook (12636)

(3)  Janet5 Cook (12637)

b)  Suzanne4 Munro (12633) married Antonio Calific (12638).

2.  Nora3 Hart (12629) married Eric Steele (12639).  She was born circa 1927.

a)  Margaret4 Steele (12640) married ? Patterson (12642).

b)  Dianne4 Steele (12641)

3.  Esther Veronica3 Hart (12630) married Smith (--?--) (12628).  She married Graham Chick (12643).  She was buried at Rookwood, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  She was born on 26 Jun 1932.  She died on 6 Jun 1987 at Nr. Sydney, Australia, at age 54.

a)  Linda4 Chick (12644)

b)  Annette4 Chick (12645) married Peter Nicholl (11912).

(1)  Ebony5 Nicholl (593)

(2)  Sean5 Nicholl (599)

(3)  Lauren5 Nicholl (601)

c)  Ellen4 Chick (12646)

G.  Reginald Thomas2 Chapman (161) married Annie Kipling (12647).  He was born on 25 Nov 1895.

1.  Lawrence3 Chapman (12648) No children.  He married Ethel ? (12652).

2.  Gwenda3 Chapman (12649) married Jack Matchett (12653).

a)  Gregory4 Matchett (12654)

b)  Anthony4 Matchett (12655)

c)  Jeffrey4 Matchett (12656)

d)  Dianne4 Matchett (12657)

3.  Betty3 Chapman (12650) married John Hill (12658).

a)  Michael4 Hill (12659)

b)  Jennifer4 Hill (12660)

4.  Nancy3 Chapman (12651) married John Hatch (12661).

a)  Julie4 Hatch (12662)

b)  Gregory4 Hatch (12663)

c)  David4 Hatch (12664)

H.  Lawrence Taylor2 Chapman (162) was born on 6 Nov 1897.

I.  Margaret Grieveson2 Chapman (163) married Cyril Andrew (12665).  She was born on 23 Aug 1899.

1.  Peter3 Andrew (12666)

2.  Richard3 Andrew (12667)

J.  Jane Annie2 Chapman (164) Never married.  She was also known as Jenny (164).  She was born on 5 Mar 1902.

K.  Sarah Lawrencina2 Chapman (165) married Bob Miller (11800).  She was born on 3 Mar 1904.

1.  Sydney Robert York3 Miller (11801) Lived at Couch Road, Griffith, N.S.W 2680, Australia.  He married Audrey Pauline Dyson (11802) at Kingstraighton, Devon, Australia.  He was born on 11 Apr 1927 at Sydney.

a)  Ross Sydney4 Miller (11803) was born on 27 Feb 1949.  He died on 27 Dec 1967 at age 18.

b)  Christopher Maurice4 Miller (11804) married Lyn Broomhead (12668).  He was born on 7 Oct 1950.  He died on 30 Apr 2007 at age 56.

(1)  Vannessa5 Miller (12669)

(2)  Lauren5 Miller (12919)

2.  Hazel3 Miller (12670) married Eric Morgan (12672).  She was born on 25 Oct 1933 at Sydney.

a)  Susan4 Morgan (12673) married Tom Hurst (12676).

(1)  Kristie5 Hurst (12677)

(2)  Kyle5 Hurst (12678)

b)  Robert4 Morgan (12674)

c)  Jenny4 Morgan (12675)

3.  John Richard3 Miller (12671) married Pam Burton (12679).  He was born on 17 May 1937.

a)  Ross T4 Miller (12680) was born on 1 Jun 1968 at Melbourne.

b)  Sonia4 Miller (12681) was born on 30 Jul 1970 at Melbourne.  She married Darren Paul Sharp (12916) on 2 Nov 1991.

(1)  Ashleigh Jane5 Sharp (12917) was born on 6 Feb 1993.

(2)  Jack Harrison5 Sharp (12918) was born on 9 Mar 1995.

L.  Decima Iris2 Chapman (166) Never married.  She was born on 21 Oct 1906.

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