Ancestors of Martha Ann FRANKLIN

Thirty-second Generation

3355576336. Ecgbert ROBERT was born in 802. He died in 839. He married LADY REDBURGA.

3355576337. LADY REDBURGA.


3355576352. HALFDAN THE OLD.


3355576368. Charles MARTEL May.of Austrasia.Charles married Chrotude ROLUNDE Dt. of Austrasia.

3355576369. Chrotude ROLUNDE Dt. of Austrasia.


3355576370. I Herbert CLARIBERT.I married BERTRADA Ct. of Leon.

3355576371. BERTRADA Ct. of Leon.


3355576416. Pepin Carloman CHARLEMAGNE King of Italy.Pepin married BERTHA Queen of Italy.

3355576417. BERTHA Queen of Italy.


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