Ancestors of John Robinson CHAPMAN


32. John Robinson CHAPMAN

Occupation - Teacher
believed to have moved from Cotherstone to Headlam Hall between 1803 and early 1805 where his father ran a 'school for young gentlemen'.
Maried probably before 1820 at Kirby Stephen but not between 1816 and 1821 there.
Moved to Tudhoe by 1836 where he ran a school.
Moved to Bishop Middleham possibly to Manor House

34. George MORELL

Occupation listed in 1851 Census is Blacksmith, farmer of 57 acres and Inkeeper at the Cross keys.
Had 3 servants and 2 apprentices - 1851 census for Bishop Middleham

48. John MARR

I came across a record indicating that John Marr was born in Washington, County Durham and was a pitman sinker. ie. dug the shafts of coal mines. This fits in with family tradition supplied by Anne Kirkman ( At the christening of Ralph Marr, 4th son of John Marr, born 1791 and baptised 1792 at All saints, John was described as a 'pitman sinker' At the next child's baptism he was described as a waterman.

A Michael Marr was on the list of keelmen against whom warrants were granted during the Keelmens Riot of 1809. John Marr's 5th son, born in 1796 was called Michael. He would have been 13.
There was also a John Marr baptised at All Saints, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland in 1757

56. Robert FOGGAN


Bapt.-Rothbury P.R.; death-gravestone, Bedlington Old
Churchyard; burial- Bedlington P.R.; general-Bedlington P.R.

Bapt.-IGI fiche; Burial-Rothbury P.R.

BIRTH: Uncle Mac says he was born 31 May 1793 at Rothbury. Seems a little early to me considering his christening date

57. Jane BLACK

1851 - widow, living with daughter Eleanor at Bedlington 2 SOUR S10


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