Ancestors of John Robinson CHAPMAN


4. Frederick George CHAPMAN

Married the girl next door - wife lived at 17 Woodhave St. he at 15 Woodhave St.
Fought in WW I. After the war he planned to emigrate to Australia and persuaded his other brothers and sisters to go also since most of them could not find work in the depression which followed the war. A few weeks before he was due to leave he obtained an offer of employment and became a civil servant working at the DHSS in Benton. His mother, and 11 brothers and sisters left for Australia.
Lived at the end house in Cochrane Park (No. 30?), Benton until he retired. Then moved to Rydal Cottage, Station Road., Allendale, Northumberland, Eng. He moved out of Newcastle in the hope of improving his wife's asthma

Died of a stroke in 1968 and buried in Allendale cemetery.

'My Grandfather was a popular man with all who knew him. He could never do enough to help his niebours. He had a wonderful sense of humour. Even as a child I remember him with white hair, It turned white at an early age, but, he was compensated by never suffering from any form of baldness. He was the sort of person no child could resist. I remember the climax of each visit to his home being a visit to his 'Aladdin's Cave' the garage, where over the years he had accumulated a copious supply of odds and ends. These he would sift through and give to me in a brown paper bag. Old alarm clocks, electrical switches, war memorabilia - gas masks etc. all became my new toys. It was probably to him I owe my skill at tinkering with and repairing all sorts of gadgets.'


5. Marion Bain MARSHALL

Died in her 90's at her daughter's home in Gosforth. Suffered from Alzeimers disease
Educated in Edinburgh

6. Charles Gullon MARR

Served apprenticeship as a moulder in a shipyard. he then worked in an iron works and then a shipyard.
Enlisted in army for WW 1 Royal Scot's but much to his dismay was discharged to work back in the shipyards since he disliked working there.
After the war he became a coachman and horsekeeper for Ridley, Cutter & Fir (Brewers on the Quayside, Newcastle) he drove the trap for travellers and then became head coachman.
He died 1943 and was cremated at West Rd Crematorium - No memorial

DEATH: Cremated

7. Margaret Isabella FOGGAN

After her father's death and mother's remarriage she ran away from home and lived with an aunt in Jarrow. She worked at Tiffany's Grocers, Churchton, North Shields and it was here she met her husband who delivered there.

Died 10th Sep. 1952? Cremated West Rd Cemetery No memorial. She left a will - her son John Robert Marr executor

1881 - living with widowed mother at 2 Seaforth St., Cowpen, NBL 2 SOUR S112


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