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Unfortunately the 'free DNA tests' previously available from smgf logothe Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF)* (a previously free kit for analysing your DNA using a 38 marker Y-chromosome test and a HVR 1-3 Mitochondrial test.) is no longer available except in the countries listed below


The kit is available for those who have ancestors in the following countries:

Please contact SMGF at . for details but be aware that kits may take a while to arrive after you request them.

The disadvantage of the SMGF test is that you won't get the results posted back to you. Instead you must wait until the results appear in the database which can take several months since the processing is done in batches and the family tree charts are checked before being added to the database.

SMGF have reached their target of 100,000 DNA tests which is why the free Worldwide test has been withdrawn. A reduced price test is still available to those who still wish to contribute to their project. If you've already submitted a DNA sample to SMGF and would like a detailed personal report then this can be obtained at a greatly reduced price from GeneTree who now do SMGF's testing.

What to look for when choosing a DNA testing centre

DNA Tester Y-chromosome price (markers) mtDNA (markers) Autosomal (markers) X-chromosome price Y-chromosome Marker
tests (more is better)
mtDNA HVR Markers tested
(more is better)
Lab location Postage Location
DNA Worldwide £169.95 (25) £149.95 (1&2) Offered £? Offered £? 12,25,37,65 1, 2 Germany/
Free Frome, UK
Genebase $119.00/£59 (20) $189.00/£95 (1&2) $99.00 Not available 20,44,67,91 1,2 Canada $12.00 Vancouver/
DNA Heritage $137.77 (23) $159.00 Not available Not available 23,43 1,2,3 US/UK Free

Richmond, Tx/

$149.00 (33)

$179 (?) Not available Not available 33,46 1,2,3 US Free  
Roots for Real $290.00/£195 (10?) $290.00/£195 (?) $290.00/£195 (16) Not available 10? ? US/UK Free Cambridge, England
DNA Testing $310.00 (37) $400.00 (1&2) $250.00 (14) Not available 13,37,43 1&2 US Free Phoenix, Az
GeneTree $149.00 (33) $179.00 (1,2,3) Not available Not available 33,46 1,2,3 US Free Salt Lake City, Ut
SMGF* Free (38) Free (1,2 3) Free Not available 38 1,2,3 US Kit - Free Salt Lake City, Ut

Home DNA Direct

Easy DNA

$399.00 (175 SNPs)

£299.00 (175 SNPs)

$399 (?)

£299 (?)

? ? US Free

New York

Whitstable Kent

Family Tree DNA $149 (37) $149 (1&2) $184 (15)
$257 (24)
$161 (17) 12,37,67 1,2,3 US $4.00 Houston, Tx
23andMe 2
$399 (2000 SNPs)
Not detailed ? ? US Free in US Mountain View, Ca
DNA Diagnostics Center $210.00 (?) $395.00 (?) Not stated Not stated ? ? US $35.00 collection fee Fairfield, Oh
Genelex $295.00 (26) $345.00 (1&2) Not offered Not offered 26 1,2 US Free Seattle, Wa
African Ancestry $299 (?) $299 (1) Not offered Not offered ? 1 US Fre in US ?

* See above
2 Price includes health related DNA items


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